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Two Years of Abel Impact: What's Been Done

The original goal with this business was to ease a pain and inefficiency. I found that many business owners were troubled by how much they were asked to give to charity, without ever knowing the good it was doing.

There was this passive exchange of dollars that I felt was such a waste of potential. So much passion and purpose was being wasted out of two primary things:  

1. People were overwhelmed by charity and finding which one was best for them/their business.

2. People didn’t trust charities, so if a friend asked them, they just donated to keep the relationship happy.

I know that giving to charity is good – I believe in it…But. (There’s always a but.)

But, COME ON PEOPLE! What a waste of human heart!

BUT actually understanding the impact of your dollars, creating programming that you and your employees are proud of – SO PROUD of that they want to talk about it – now, that is amazing. That is awe-inspiring. That is not just good, it’s great.

But... You can make a REAL DIFFERENCE if you get your hands dirty, share your story, and actually CARE.

So those were the big ideas and beliefs I had. I believed that there was a better way for business and charity to interface. I believed that with a strategy AND passion a heaping pile of do-good would amass.

I still believe that.

Now I have the proof too.



...we have created collaborations for 17 companies/entrepreneurs.  

...we have helped 30 non-profit organizations get new funding.

... 20,804 people have been impacted positively by the collaboration between business and charity.


*20,804 is my minimum number. That does not include any grants for research, or “I hope this helped someone” random numbers.


Moment of silence for all the generosity.

Moment of silence for all the companies and people that made this happen.

Moment of gratitude for the believers.


Some of my favorite moments:

1.     Celebrating the launch of a subscription box company (which we infused some one for one goodness into)

2.     Creating a beautiful and bountiful garden at a corporate headquarters (which gives happiness to employees, and veggies to children battling cancer).

3.     Helping one family give just $1500 to get tattoo removal for a former sex slave. Meeting that woman, and getting to hug her.

4.     Inspiring a restaurant to feed families going through hardship every single time a catering order is placed.

5.     Infusing a thirty-year-old business club with a grant-making structure – allowing for a new local outlet for non-profits to help thousands of people each year and spread the word about what they’re doing


Thank you thank you thank you ALL – if you’re even still reading this, double thanks to you!


If you’ve read this and thought:


I want to do something like this.


I want to give back SOMEDAY.


You know what, I’ve waiting too long – I’m ready!


Then you have some options:

1.     Set up an exploratory Skype call to chat about big picture. Which means, email me { info at abel impact dot com} with some dates and times that work for you. 

2.     Read some articles about CSR, giving back, etc. to become even more convinced that you need to do this in some way (don’t worry, you don’t need to use Abel).

3. Read this blog about how you can give back today - with no money whatsoever. 

4.     Get on the list for my eBook “Infusing Generosity Into Your Business: A Guide to Charitable Partnerships for Small Business”.