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2016 In Review

2016 was a whirlwind of amazingness. We got to work with so many people and learn that our sweet spot for hands-on consulting with businesses is: family-owned companies, making about $5M - $50M in revenue, and has about 100 - 500 employees, and leadership wants to leave a legacy of generosity behind. It's specific, we know. That's why it works. 

We also got to learn that we LOVE families and want to help them too! We are working on that

When it comes to the biggest number on our docket - the 84,000 people that were impacted - there are a lot of details around that. Yes, that is a real number. This includes families placed into Habitat for Humanity homes, children in the hospital who got healthy dinners, people that now have access to backcountry trails, people that got resume building lessons and professional clothing - and a WHOLE LOT MORE. 

Making a difference is shapeless. We love it. 

If you're doing good with your business, you should have a breakdown of your impact too! Don't have that? We can help (of course). Email us here