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Getting Outside: An Abel Impact Value

As two women who are about to embark on the adventure of raising families (yep, the Abel Impact staff are pregnant!), we’ve been thinking a lot about values. The values that have run through our families for generations have naturally shaped the values that we want to be at the core of our future children’s wild, passionate, little hearts. Values are often where your impact stems from, and like we advise to all clients, Abel Impact has values that shape the direction of this business. Our impact has come in so many different forms, as we help businesses do good in their neighborhoods, in this nation, and in this world. We’re obsessed with providing inspiration and direction for passionate businesses so that they can having lasting impact. Helping others do good isn’t enough for us though. We want to put our money where our mouth is, and commit to a cause as a business that we care about deeply. Because if we don’t work our very hardest at making this world a better place for our future families, then we’re selling our kids short.

Our founder,  Bailey, was raised part-time in Yosemite National Park where she grew from a reluctant 8 year old being drug behind her parents on hikes into passionate adult who charges up waterfall trails and has a goal of climbing Half Dome with her kids. To us the parks embody exploration, pure nature, and preservation for the masses. We want all kids no matter their circumstance to experience these natural wonders. Even the reluctant ones who may not appreciate it. For families to experience parks together is a way for that shared purpose to emerge, and for kids to know that the outdoors are a value for their family - something important to embrace, and respect. So for us, protecting the parks and introducing kids to them is about protecting their future and hoping to infuse them with a sense of responsibility for natural habitats. 

In pursuit of this commitment to protecting and preserving the land that founded our incredible nation, we dug around and did some research for other companies we love that support the parks and how they do it. Check it out. And trust us, you’ll walk away inspired to hop on the trail first thing in the morning.

Parks Project was started by a man named Keith Eshelman, and his Co-founder Sevag Kazanci. Keith is a tried and true family man, and starting Parks Project was him taking his love for the earth and his family to the next level. Parks Project is a social enterprise, using the sale of their incredible apparel and accessories to connect their buyers to the parks that are near and dear to their hearts. Each purchase contributes uniquely to one of the 30 different parks all over the US. We’re obsessed with their tees - go grab one now. Oh, and Parks Project ran this incredible campaign a while ago that helped take kids from title 9 schools to national parks.


Pendleton. For over 100 years now, Pendleton and the Parks have been attached at the hip. Each Pendleton product features a design that is inspired directly by the history and uniqueness of the parks. It gets better though! A portion of each blanket purchase goes straight to the National Park Foundation to helps fund not one, but TWO restoration projects in order to clean, care for, and preserve the beauty of our parks.  Find one right now that fits your vibe and your love for your favorite national park … (or maybe it just matches your couch. That’s fine too).

Every Kid in a Park is a government run program started by the Department of Interior, built on the idea that every american should have access to experience and enjoy our National Parks. Barack Obama said, “Because no matter who you are, no matter where you live, our parks, our monuments, our lands, our waters, - these places are your birthright as Americans.” This program got right to work - making sure kids all across America got free (yes FREE) access to the parks, either with their educators or families! All they have to do is head to the site and fill out a short diary entry with what they’d like to see and then do, and then they’re sent a printable pass to any park.

The Roosevelts Beard Company. If you’re a beard grower or enthusiast, you should probably switch to these beard products asap. All their products are handmade in small batches right in Nashville, by co-founders Jason Kloess and Jason Mason. Each oil is not only named after a national park, but smells like one too - and this company faithfully donates 10% to the National Parks Foundation.

These are just a few, but guys there are SO many opportunities out there to support companies like these that are caring about the longevity of our precious land in all the right ways.

So we’ll leave you with this - how are your values as a family or a business matching up with the footprint you want to leave on the earth? 


Bailey Van Tassel