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John Mayer + Reusable Water Bottles + Veterans = Bliss

I distinctly remember being on a date and casually just chatting, when the guy I'm with turns to me and says, "Wait, you like over easy eggs AND John Mayer?! We're made for each other." He was right, because he's my husband now. 

In proper form, we chose to go see John Mayer in concert for our baby moon (because life is a vacay, right?!) and couldn't be happier about it. We scream-sang our hearts out to every.single.song. It was epic and I want to relive it. 

While I was waiting in line for my commemorative t-shirt (always), I saw something that caught my eye... something about giving back and the environment. So, I scurried over there to check it out and was stoked to see what my friend John was up to (yes, my friend ... in my mind we're friends). 

They were selling refillable water bottles with 60% proceeds going to VHIP which is "a civilian/ military partnership designed to provide support to military personnel transitioning from combat duty to civilian life. Behavioral health clinicians and researchers at NCIRE will develop new fitness and integrative medicine interventions, support contemporary health and nutrition resources, and create novel military acculturation services." (https://www.ncire.org/john-mayer)

There are some amazing quotes from John Mayer about why he's chosen the org on the VHIP website, so go check it out for details. 

Next, there was info on Nalgene and why they're a part of the partnership - I liked that A LOT. There are tons of companies competing in the reusable water bottle space, so it's nice to know why they were the chosen ones. The basics: they are made from safe recyclable materials, and in a year will save 167 bottles from landfills. 

Looks like Reverb is the convener, and they have a campaign, RockNRefill that is promoting what a ton of musicians are all about. "The #RockNRefill campaign has raised more than $1,000,000 for over 50 environmental & social causes and has diverted more than 1,800,000 single-use bottles from landfills1." That just about explains it folks - quite a collaboration. 

Overall, here is a partnership that does a great job of these things:

1. Advocates about the environment and how YOU can make a difference. 

2. Uses the star power of celebrities to make a real difference

3. Promotes conscious consumerism

4. Connects great non-profits with the world in a way they normally wouldn't be able to plug into. 

CSR at it's finest folks! #buyallthedogoodswag

Also, a pic of me in my tee rocking the belly! 



Bailey Van Tassel