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Business Offerings


Business Offerings

We went looking for a company that helped businesses find the right charity to work with so that they could create a positive impact on society while also share their values with the world. It didn't exist, so we created it. Whether you are looking to build your social mission, find a strategic charitable partner, implement effective cause marketing, or set up your company's foundation, we will set it up for you. We ask lots of questions, do deep research, and help you make a positive impact in the world, while never losing sight of making a profit.


Package One: Social Impact Setup

We get you from zero to full speed ahead with a meaningful plan for your business to do good. We find that sweet spot where giving and profiting collide, creating a plan for your positive impact in a way that is fulfilling for you, and your customers.

With the Social Impact Setup we get to know your business, your industry, and your customer, as well as your internal goals. We then work with you on identifying what your unique social mission is, and find the perfect charitable match(es) for you.

Duration: 8-12 weeks

Strategy creation
Social mission creation
Charity matchmaking

Corporate Social Responsibility Retainer

For the businesses that want to have ongoing community outreach, and want our experts guiding that, we will! We will fold right into your business (as if in-house) and manage all your give-back goodness including social enterprise brand partnerships, charitable partnerships, and cause-based social media.

Duration: Ongoing (3 mos. minimum)

Overall strategic implementation
Corporate foundation management
Community outreach management
Cause Marketing + PR implementation


Package Two: Corporate Foundation Creation

Many businesses are finding that they do a lot of great giving and volunteering, but are not keeping track of it, and have no organization around it. We will put words to your vision, get you set up legally to operate as a foundation (or donor advised fund), and set you up to have a great entity that can do good work alongside your company.

This package is an add on for businesses that have been set up with a social impact strategy and now want to create a separate entity for their giving. You can also purchase Package One and Two at the same time, if you know you are looking to establish a foundation.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Logo creation

Package Three: Employee Engagement Plan

If you are a business with employees that deeply believe in giving back, are working through succession planning, or run by the grace of Millennials, then this is a great add-on to Package One.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Volunteer event creation (on or off-site)
Employee communication strategy


Social Good Beginnings Bundle

For the solopreneur, creative entrepreneurs, and small business owners, there is a solution for you! Because, we love what you do!

We will do some in-depth consulting with you to help create a plan for you. We will then do some of our classic matchmaking, and get you on the right path for measuring and marketing all the good you're doing long term. As an added bonus, we also invite you in to our tribe so that you can collaborate and get insight from all the other amazing souls we serve at the small business level. 

Duration: 2 hours of consultation

Custom 3-month mini cause marketing plan
3 non-profit org recommendations to partner with
The “How-To Do Good and Do Business” EBook

Cost: $650