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“I couldn’t think of a more skilled and experienced venture philanthropy practitioner than Bailey Van Tassel at Abel Impact.  I’ve seen her interact seamlessly with foundation boards, corporate sponsors, and social entrepreneurs to design, fund and implement proprietary programs that have become truly consequential for all participants. Abel Impact has institutionalized those competencies and made them accessible for socially-responsible businesses around the world.”

- Dan McClory, Investment Banker and Philanthropist


 “Bailey has an uncanny ability to understand people, think and act strategically, and align values with performance. Rarely do all of those qualities reside in one person whether in business or in philanthropy. We’re fortunate to be working with someone who brings such dynamic and unique talent and brainpower in our quest to change the world.

 - Michael Davidson, CEO at Gen Next


 “With the formation of Abel Impact, Bailey Van Tassel has redefined philanthropic giving.  From her years of experience working on foundation boards, along side high wealth individuals and corporations, Bailey has emerged an expert on the subject.  She consistently finds ways to align giving with individual and business priorities, and create programs that are meaningful and significant. 

-  Loretta Soffe, Former EVP of Women’s Wear at Nordstrom

 Working with Bailey Van Tassel and Abel Impact was a no-brainer for me and the best decision I made when it came to figuring out where to donate to charity. I was given a gift of a certain amount to decide where I wanted to donate it to and I had a really hard time deciding. I knew which types of organizations I wanted to give to, but not the exact ones and that is where Bailey stepped in to help. She provided a very detailed and comprehensive report about her top findings in each category I liked which helped make it much easier for me to decide. I don't have the time to do that research so hiring her was so helpful. I highly recommend Abel Impact and would use them again in a heartbeat. Thank you Bailey!

- Ashley Forman